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The Natural Stone Choice for Artistic Elegance

Granite is a natural stone composed of naturally occurring minerals such as quartz, feldspar, mica and hornblende. Granite is extracted from quarries worldwide and then cut into various shapes and sizes. As is the case with all natural stones, granite is porous and needs to be sealed to protect it from staining.

Granite is ideal because it’s available in a wide range of hues and patterns, offering a diverse selection of veined and speckled granite in various colors. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but natural granite stone is a more cost-effective option when compared to other materials used for countertops. Granite won’t become scorched from hot pots or scratched when used as a food-cutting surface.

Granite Kitchen Countertops & More...
Visit our granite store and see a wide array of granite slabs.
Precision granite fabrication & installation.

Uses for Granite

From colorful granite kitchen countertops, custom granite bathroom countertops, and countertop backsplashes to modern stone fireplace surrounds and granite tv walls, Artistic Stone is the granite fabricator and installer to depend on to bring your vision to life!


  • Granite island tops and granite bar tops
  • Granite stone countertops
  • Granite countertop backsplashes
  • Granite slab wall
  • Granite bathroom countertops/vanity tops
  • Granite shower walls and wall panels
  • Outdoor granite countertops
  • Granite fireplace surrounds
  • Granite jacuzzi surrounds
  • Granite TV walls

Granite Fabricators, Installers, and Consultants (Showroom)

At Artistic Stone, we pride ourselves on providing our New Jersey customers with top-notch granite services. With a spectrum of available granite colors and granite countertop edge options ranging from eased edge granite, quarter round edge, quarter bevel edge, rounded granite edge, ogee and double ogee edges, miter cut edge, and more, we know choosing can be difficult. That’s why we leverage our expertise to help you with granite selection and choosing the perfect granite countertop edge style for your project. You’re welcome to visit our clean and organized granite showroom to see granite color and edge style samples and discuss your needs and preferences with our knowledgeable staff. We have an outstanding reputation for accurate measurement and countertop templating, precise granite cutting, fabrication, and finishing edges of granite countertops, and perfect granite installation. Regardless of the size and scope of your project, Artistic Stone's team of granite experts is dedicated to providing you with top-notch, consultative customer service.

Wide Selection of Countertop Stone (and Advice) in our New Jersey Showroom

Consultation &
Granite Selection

Our experienced sales staff can consult with you to understand your style preferences, answer any questions about the types of stone that best suit your lifestyle, and show you stone and countertop edge samples. We’re here to guide you through selecting the most appropriate color and type of stone to ensure your complete satisfaction with the final product.

Professional Countertop Measurement & Templating

Measurement &

At Artistic Stone, our detail-oriented stone artisans have the expertise and experience to measure and template your space, providing a precise and accurate countertop template. To ensure the measurements are perfect, our team uses state-of-the-art equipment so you can be confident you’ll receive a top-quality finished product.

Precision Stone Cutting Fabrication

Granite Fabrication

Our stone fabricators pair excellent customer service with unparalleled stone-cutting craftsmanship to create kitchen countertops, countertop backsplashes, bathroom vanity countertops, outdoor kitchen countertops, stone fireplace surrounds, jacuzzi surrounds, shower walls, stone TV walls, and more. When you want top-notch countertop fabrication, turn to the experienced team from Artistic Stone!

Professional Granite Countertop Installers

Granite Installation

Our professional countertop installers understand how to properly install natural, engineered, and porcelain countertops that look fantastic and function perfectly. Artistic Stone completes each countertop installation project quickly and precisely, making your experience hassle-free.

Granite Supplier Products

Discover the timeless elegance of granite by exploring our extensive collection. Sourced from the world's finest quarries, our granite will fit any design and budget. Whether you're browsing online or visiting our Union County showroom, experience the unparalleled quality of our granite countertops firsthand, and make a statement in your space.

Absolute Black Countertops
Absolute Black
Agatha Countertops
Alaskino / Alaskan White Countertops
Alaskino / Alaskan White
Andromeda White Countertops
Andromeda White
Antarctic White Countertops
Antarctic White
Antique Brown Countertops
Antique Brown
Antique Gold Countertops
Antique Gold
Arraras Blue Countertops
Arraras Blue
Aspen White Countertops
Aspen White
Astoria Countertops
Astoria Cream Countertops
Astoria Cream
Audax Brown Countertops
Audax Brown
Azul Nuevo Countertops
Azul Nuevo
Azul Platino Countertops
Azul Platino
Baltic Brown Countertops
Baltic Brown
Belvedere Countertops
Bianco Antico / Dalia Countertops
Bianco Antico / Dalia
Bianco Atlantico Countertops
Bianco Atlantico
Bianco Speranza Countertops
Bianco Speranza
Bklack Pearl Countertops
Bklack Pearl
Black Cosmic Countertops
Black Cosmic
Black Forest Countertops
Black Forest
Black Galaxy Countertops
Black Galaxy
Black Misty Countertops
Black Misty
Blizzard Countertops
Blue Bahia / Azul Countertops
Blue Bahia / Azul
Blue Dunes Countertops
Blue Dunes
Blue Eyes Countertops
Blue Eyes
Blue Pearl Countertops
Blue Pearl
Butterfly Beige Countertops
Butterfly Beige
Butterfly Green Countertops
Butterfly Green
Casa Blanca / Blue Countertops
Casa Blanca / Blue
Coffee Brown Countertops
Coffee Brown
Colombo Juprana Countertops
Colombo Juprana
Colonial Gold Countertops
Colonial Gold
Colonial White - Bianco Countertops
Colonial White - Bianco
Copenhagen Silver Countertops
Copenhagen Silver
Coral Gold Countertops
Coral Gold
Cotton Motion Countertops
Cotton Motion
Crema Caramel Countertops
Crema Caramel
Dallas White / White Countertops
Dallas White / White
Delicatus Countertops
Delicatus Cream Countertops
Delicatus Cream
Eclipse- Granite Countertops
Eclipse- Granite
Emerald Pearl Countertops
Emerald Pearl
Exotic Blanc Du Blanc Countertops
Exotic Blanc Du Blanc
Exotic Golden Galaxus Countertops
Exotic Golden Galaxus
Exotic Via Lattea Countertops
Exotic Via Lattea
Fortaleza White Countertops
Fortaleza White
Giallo Fiorito Countertops
Giallo Fiorito
Giallo Napoli Countertops
Giallo Napoli
Giallo Ornamental Countertops
Giallo Ornamental
Giallo Veneziano Countertops
Giallo Veneziano
Giblee Countertops
Golden Butterfly Countertops
Golden Butterfly
Golden Pilsen Countertops
Golden Pilsen
Grey Goose Countertops
Grey Goose
Himalayan White Countertops
Himalayan White
Impala Black Countertops
Impala Black
Imperial Coffee Countertops
Imperial Coffee
Istanbul / Makula Bay Countertops
Istanbul / Makula Bay
Ivory Brown Countertops
Ivory Brown
Ivory Cream Countertops
Ivory Cream
Ivory Fantasy / Kashmir Countertops
Ivory Fantasy / Kashmir
Ivory White Countertops
Ivory White
Jacaranda Countertops
Jaguar/golden Crystal Countertops
Jaguar/golden Crystal
Jet Mist / Virginia Countertops
Jet Mist / Virginia
Juparana Bordeaux Countertops
Juparana Bordeaux
Kilimanjaro Countertops
Lava Oro Countertops
Lava Oro
Lennon Countertops
Magma Gold / Black Countertops
Magma Gold / Black
Magnific Dark Countertops
Magnific Dark
Marinace Green Countertops
Marinace Green
Mascalzone Countertops
Mellenium Cream Countertops
Mellenium Cream
Micro Diamond/ Blanco Fino Countertops
Micro Diamond/ Blanco Fino
Midnight Crystal Countertops
Midnight Crystal
Monte Carlo Bordeaux Countertops
Monte Carlo Bordeaux
Moon White Countertops
Moon White
Napoli White - Tulum Countertops
Napoli White - Tulum
Nero Absolute Countertops
Nero Absolute
Nero Mist Countertops
Nero Mist
Nevaska Countertops
New Caledonia Countertops
New Caledonia
New Venetian Gold Countertops
New Venetian Gold
Nilo River - Granito Countertops
Nilo River - Granito
Nybirus Countertops
Orion White Countertops
Orion White
Peacock Countertops
Petro/san Gabriel Countertops
Petro/san Gabriel
Picasso White Countertops
Picasso White
Pietra Cardos Countertops
Pietra Cardos
Piracema White Countertops
Piracema White
Pitaya Countertops
Polaris Countertops
Portoro Countertops
Python Black Countertops
Python Black
River White Countertops
River White
Rosewood Countertops
Salinas White / Bahamas Countertops
Salinas White / Bahamas
Santa Cecilia Countertops
Santa Cecilia
Santa Cecilia Flower Countertops
Santa Cecilia Flower
Santa Cecilia Gold Countertops
Santa Cecilia Gold
Santa Cecilia Light Countertops
Santa Cecilia Light
Saphire Blue Countertops
Saphire Blue
Sapphire Blue Countertops
Sapphire Blue
Shivakashi/ivory Brow Countertops
Shivakashi/ivory Brow
Siberian White / Oreo Countertops
Siberian White / Oreo
Siena Countertops
Siena Bordeaux / Typhoon Countertops
Siena Bordeaux / Typhoon
Sienna Beige Countertops
Sienna Beige
Silver Grey Countertops
Silver Grey
Snow Fall Countertops
Snow Fall
Snow Flakes Countertops
Snow Flakes
Solarius Countertops
Splandour White Countertops
Splandour White
Spring White / Monte Countertops
Spring White / Monte
Steel Grey Countertops
Steel Grey
Sunset Canyon Countertops
Sunset Canyon
Tan Brown Countertops
Tan Brown
Thunder White / River Countertops
Thunder White / River
Titanium Black Countertops
Titanium Black
Titanium Gold Countertops
Titanium Gold
Ubatuba Countertops
Venetian Ice / Oro Countertops
Venetian Ice / Oro
Virginia Mist Countertops
Virginia Mist
Viscount White Countertops
Viscount White
Volga Blue Countertops
Volga Blue
Vulkan Countertops
White Fantasy / Alpha Countertops
White Fantasy / Alpha
White Galaxy Countertops
White Galaxy
White Ice Countertops
White Ice
White Normandy Countertops
White Normandy
White Primata Countertops
White Primata
White Sand / Bianco Countertops
White Sand / Bianco
White Taupe Countertops
White Taupe
White Tiger / Avorio Countertops
White Tiger / Avorio
White Zurich Countertops
White Zurich

Areas We Serve

New Jersey homeowners and contractors turn to Artistic Stone for top-quality granite countertops. We proudly serve all of New Jersey, including the following neighborhoods:

New Jersey Granite Countertop Supplier

The Process: 5 Easy Steps

1. Granite Selection:

Call or visit us in person at our granite showroom. Our experienced team will help you choose the most appropriate type of granite for your project needs and preferences. If you visit the granite showroom, you can choose your granite slab from our selection. Alternatively, we will send photos so you can pick what color granite you want remotely. You may also visit one of our suppliers and select a granite slab yourself.

2. Granite Cost Estimate:

Bring to our granite showroom or email us rough measurements and pictures of the space for which you need granite countertops installed and a room layout. If you’re in the showroom, we’ll provide an on-the-spot granite countertop estimate, including materials and installation. Alternatively, we can email the estimate to you.

3. Measurement and Templating:

Once you approve the estimate and pay a deposit, one of our expert fabricators will come to your location to take field measurements and create a template for your custom granite project.

4. Granite Countertop Manufacturing:

Our custom granite fabrication service takes four to six business days.

5. Granite Installation

Artistic Stone will perform granite countertop installation on a day that’s convenient for you. It's important for you to arrange with a plumber to have all plumbing related to the job disconnected before your granite installation appointment and then reconnected afterward.

All that’s left to do is enjoy your new granite countertop!

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Looking for the Granite Countertop of Your Dreams?

Transforming Stone into Statement: What Story Will Yours Tell?

We understand the importance of having a beautiful space, and Artistic Stone can help you transform yours into something extraordinary with custom granite countertops and other granite features. Contact us today to get inspired, and let us bring your dream space to life!

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